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Candidates with a surname starting with the letter E
Candidate Party Division State
EASTMAN, Cameron Family First Dunkley VIC
EATHER, Peter Australian Labor Party Fadden QLD
EATON, Cathy Family First Herbert QLD
EDMAN, Phil Liberal Brand WA
EDMONDS, Marie Pauline Hanson's One Nation Perth WA
EDWARDS, GrahamElected Australian Labor Party Cowan WA
ELDRIDGE, Ilana The Greens Solomon NT
ELLERMAN, Sue The Greens Canberra ACT
ELLERY, Adam Citizens Electoral Council Hotham VIC
ELLIOT, JustineElected Australian Labor Party Richmond NSW
ELLIS, AnnetteElected Australian Labor Party (ACT Branch) Canberra ACT
ELLIS, KateElected Australian Labor Party Adelaide SA
ELSON, KayElected Liberal Forde QLD
EMANUEL, Howard Independent McMillan VIC
EMANUEL, Kamala Socialist Alliance Denison TAS
EMERSON, CraigElected Australian Labor Party Rankin QLD
ENTSCH, WarrenElected Liberal Leichhardt QLD
ERROL, Bruce Democrats Flinders VIC
EVANS, Martyn Australian Labor Party Wakefield SA
EVANS, Tony Australian Democrats Cunningham NSW
EVE-MACLEOD, Martine Australian Democrats Blaxland NSW



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