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Candidates with a surname starting with the letter H
Candidate Party Division State
HAAG, Brian Citizens Electoral Council Oxley QLD
HAASE, BarryElected Liberal Kalgoorlie WA
HACKETT, John Australian Labor Party Grey SA
HAIGH, Bruce Independent Gwydir NSW
HALL, JillElected Australian Labor Party Shortland NSW
HALL, Simon Joseph Citizens Electoral Council Hasluck WA
HALLAHAN, Kay Australian Labor Party Canning WA
HAMENCE, Gwen CDP Christian Party Swan WA
HAMILTON, Blair Liberal Wills VIC
HANDS, Margaret One Nation Rankin QLD
HANKIN, Bill One Nation Kennedy QLD
HANNAH, Gary Independent Bennelong NSW
HANNAH, Nicola Australian Democrats Hasluck WA
HANNES-PATERSON, Megan Australian Greens McEwen VIC
HANSEN, Lynda Socialist Alliance Griffith QLD
HANSON, Jennifer The Greens Macarthur NSW
HARDGRAVE, GaryElected Liberal Moreton QLD
HARDING, Col Pauline Hanson's One Nation (NSW Division) Gilmore NSW
HARDINGHAM, Leigh The Nationals O'Connor WA
HARDY, Sean Australian Greens Isaacs VIC
HARRIS, Judith A Citizens Electoral Council Kennedy QLD
HARRIS, Penny Australian Greens Chisholm VIC
HARRISON, Jen Australian Democrats Grayndler NSW
HARRISON, Karey The Greens Groom QLD
HARTNEY, Stephen Liberal Chisholm VIC
HARTSUYKER, LukeElected Nationals Cowper NSW
HARVEY, Arthur Citizens Electoral Council Moore WA
HASTIE, Carolyn Australian Democrats Dobell NSW
HATTON, Michael JohnElected Australian Labor Party Blaxland NSW
HAWKER, DavidElected Liberal Wannon VIC
HAYDON, John Australian Democrats Macquarie NSW
HAYS, Liz The Great Australians Fisher QLD
HAYWARD, Cate Democrats Jagajaga VIC
HAZELTON, Ruth Family First Wannon VIC
HEAD, Mike Werriwa NSW
HEAPS, Aaron One Nation Forde QLD
HEATHCOTE, Robert Family First Chifley NSW
HEDBERG, Lars Independent Wide Bay QLD
HEHIR, Ian The Greens Warringah NSW
HENDRY, Craig CDP Christian Party Kalgoorlie WA
HENNELLY, Paul The Fishing Party Paterson NSW
HENNESSEY, Terry Australian Democrats Kennedy QLD
HENRY, StuartElected Liberal Hasluck WA
HERMANS, Mark Family First Goldstein VIC
HILL, Brad Family First Lilley QLD
HILL, Ronald Stuart Family First Fisher QLD
HILL, Vivian CDP Christian Party Canning WA
HINDS, Shereen Family First Forde QLD
HINTON, Julian The Greens Rankin QLD
HOARE, KellyElected Australian Labor Party Charlton NSW
HOCKEY, JoeElected Liberal North Sydney NSW
HODDY, Don Australian Democrats Kalgoorlie WA
HOLLAND, Greg Australian Labor Party Hughes NSW
HOLLAND, Tony Democrats La Trobe VIC
HOLT, David Family First Maribyrnong VIC
HOOLIHAN, Richard Australian Democrats Herbert QLD
HOPE, Daniel Citizens Electoral Council Forde QLD
HORGAN, Michael Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Mitchell NSW
HORIN, Leonie Independent Melbourne Ports VIC
HORNE, Colin Citizens Electoral Council Curtin WA
HORTON, David Robert The Greens Hume NSW
HORVAT, Victor One Nation Makin SA
HOUGH, Jan New Country Party O'Connor WA
HOULTON, Julie-Anne liberals for forests Greenway NSW
HOWARD, John WinstonElected Liberal Bennelong NSW
HOWDEN, Erland Merlin The Greens Berowra NSW
HOWE, Roger Democrats Lalor VIC
HOWSE, David Gordon Forde QLD
HUGHES, Steven Citizens Electoral Council Dobell NSW
HULL, KayElected Nationals Riverina NSW
HULL, Leonie Family First Wentworth NSW
HULLS, Nathan Family First Bendigo VIC
HUNT, GregElected Liberal Flinders VIC
HUNT, Paula Family First Fairfax QLD
HUNT, Trevor Family First Bonner QLD
HUSIC, Ed Australian Labor Party Greenway NSW
HYLAND, Terry The Great Australians Dickson QLD
HYLAND, Wayne Independent Chifley NSW



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