Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
House of Representatives Updated: Monday, 04 November 2013 04:40:25 PM


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Candidates with a surname starting with the letter W
Candidate Party Division State
WAINWRIGHT, Sam Socialist Alliance Fremantle WA
WALKER, Alan Family First Party Murray VIC
WALKER, Anne Australian Greens Sturt SA
WALKER, Bronwyn Katter's Australian Party Herbert QLD
WALKER, Dawn The Greens Richmond NSW
WALKER, Noelle Family First Party Melbourne VIC
WALKER, Peter Andrew Katter's Australian Party Ryan QLD
WALLIS, Nicholas Sex Party Jagajaga VIC
WALSH, Mike Australian Christians O'Connor WA
WALSH, Robyn Australian Labor Party Indi VIC
WALSHE, Nyree Animal Justice Party Melbourne VIC
WALTON, Rowell Katter's Australian Party Maranoa QLD
WARD, Jane Independent Sydney NSW
WATERSON, Victor Australia First Party Bennelong NSW
WATSON, Brett Katter's Australian Party Calwell VIC
WATT, Bradley Walter Palmer United Party Aston VIC
WATTS, TimElected Australian Labor Party Gellibrand VIC
WAYNE, John Charles Palmer United Party Bowman QLD
WEATHERSTONE, Andrew Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Shortland NSW
WEBER, Graeme B Independent Higgins VIC
WELLHAM, Jake John Palmer United Party Banks NSW
WELLS, Caleb Independent Longman QLD
WEST, Madeleine Anne Australian Labor Party Pearce WA
WESTBROOK, Hannah Family First Party Deakin VIC
WESTERBERG, Signe The Greens Hughes NSW
WHATELY, Jennifer Rise Up Australia Party Curtin WA
WHEELER, Danielle The Greens Macquarie NSW
WHITAKER, Steven Spencer Palmer United Party Robertson NSW
WHITE, Isabelle Liberal Chifley NSW
WHITE, Robert George Rise Up Australia Party Bruce VIC
WHITEHEAD, Adrian Independent Corangamite VIC
WHITELEY, BrettElected Liberal Braddon TAS
WHITTAKER, Jason Australian Christians Hasluck WA
WHITTY, Chris Katter's Australian Party Groom QLD
WICKS, LucyElected Liberal Robertson NSW
WIESKE, John Australian Christians Tangney WA
WILCOX, Andrew William Palmer United Party Lindsay NSW
WILDE, Milton Palmer United Party Casey VIC
WILDING, Royston Secular Party of Australia Melbourne VIC
WILKIE, AndrewElected Independent Denison TAS
WILKIE, Troy Alexander Palmer United Party Lyne NSW
WILLIAMS, MattElected Liberal Hindmarsh SA
WILLIAMS, Mick Katter's Australian Party Macarthur NSW
WILLIAMS, Miechele Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Parramatta NSW
WILLIAMS, Robbie Katter's Australian Party Capricornia QLD
WILLIAMS, Todd Australian Greens Solomon NT
WILLIAMS, Wayne DLP Democratic Labour Denison TAS
WILLIS, Luke Antony Australian Labor Party Tangney WA
WILSON, Helen The Greens Cunningham NSW
WILSON, RickElected Liberal O'Connor WA
WINDISCH, Margarita Socialist Alliance Wills VIC
WINTERTON, Pat Rise Up Australia Party Batman VIC
WIRTH, Jarrod Uniting Australia Party Bonner QLD
WITHAM, Chub The Nationals O'Connor WA
WITTEN, Richard Innes Citizens Electoral Council New England NSW
WOOD, JasonElected Liberal La Trobe VIC
WOODRUFF, Rosalie Australian Greens Franklin TAS
WOODS, Brian Clifford Palmer United Party Chisholm VIC
WOOTTON, Jodie Camille Palmer United Party Greenway NSW
WORRINGHAM, Charles The Greens Ryan QLD
WORSLEY, Julie Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Bennelong NSW
WRAY, Peter Family First Party Corangamite VIC
WRIGHT, Matthew Independent Wright QLD
WRIGHT, Michael Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Chifley NSW
WYATT, David Michael The Greens McPherson QLD
WYATT, KenElected Liberal Hasluck WA
WYATT, Lorna The Greens Hotham VIC
WYNN, Sue The Greens Dobell NSW
WYSE, Rodney Tim Katter's Australian Party Barton NSW



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