Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
House of Representatives Updated: Monday, 04 November 2013 04:40:25 PM


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Candidates with a surname starting with the letter K
Candidate Party Division State
KADWELL, John Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Throsby NSW
KAMINSKI, Cheryl Family First Grey SA
KAMLADE, Paul Rise Up Australia Party Watson NSW
KARG, Frank Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Oxley QLD
KATTER, BobElected Katter's Australian Party Kennedy QLD
KAVANAGH, Marguerita DLP Democratic Labour Maribyrnong VIC
KEARNEY, Chris The Greens Jagajaga VIC
KEECH, Richard The Greens Maribyrnong VIC
KEENAN, MichaelElected Liberal Stirling WA
KEENAN, Pam Family First Party Holt VIC
KEENAN, Robert Family First Party Melbourne Ports VIC
KELEHER, Lynette The Greens Bruce VIC
KELLY, CraigElected Liberal Hughes NSW
KELLY, Mike Labor Eden-Monaro NSW
KELLY, Timothy Daniel Palmer United Party Sydney NSW
KENNEDY, Brad Katter's Australian Party Longman QLD
KENNEDY, Jason Grant Palmer United Party La Trobe VIC
KENNEDY, John Australian Labor Party Kooyong VIC
KEOGH, Daron Australian Labor Party Durack WA
KEOUGH, Mark Australian Greens Barker SA
KERTESZ, Adam Family First Griffith QLD
KHAN, Ali Liberal Calwell VIC
KHAN, Ammar Independent Chifley NSW
KHAN, Raheam Palmer United Party North Sydney NSW
KHEDR, Sayed Independent Banks NSW
KHOO, Joyce Mei Lin Rise Up Australia Party Melbourne VIC
KHOURI, Anthony Liberal Blaxland NSW
KILKENNY, Sonya Australian Labor Party Dunkley VIC
KING, CatherineElected Australian Labor Party Ballarat VIC
KING, Jonathan The Greens Mackellar NSW
KING, May Lee Palmer United Party Throsby NSW
KING, Ray Liberal McMahon NSW
KINGSTON, David Australian Christians Cowan WA
KIRKLAND, Billie Katter's Australian Party Calare NSW
KIRKMAN, Frazer Independent Melbourne VIC
KIS-RIGO, Andrew DLP Democratic Labour McMillan VIC
KITCHING, Will The Greens Warringah NSW
KLOMP, Steve Australian Christians Swan WA
KLOOT, Johanna The Greens Leichhardt QLD
KLOSE, John Walter Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Lyne NSW
KNOBEL, David The Greens Fairfax QLD
KOCHER, Dessie The Greens Charlton NSW
KORBER, Vanessa Rise Up Australia Party O'Connor WA
KRIEDEMANN, Tim Rise Up Australia Party Kooyong VIC
KROEZE, Ray Australian Christians Bass TAS
KUMAR, Manoj Australian Labor Party Menzies VIC
KUNDE, Christian Bullet Train For Australia Dobell NSW
KURYLOWICZ, Tim Labor Riverina NSW
KY, John The Greens Blaxland NSW



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