Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
House of Representatives Updated: Monday, 04 November 2013 04:40:25 PM


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Candidates with a surname starting with the letter F
Candidate Party Division State
FAHY, Norah Australian Labor Party Mayo SA
FAIRWEATHER, Helen The Greens Longman QLD
FALANGA, Mark Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Banks NSW
FALANGA, Ula Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Warringah NSW
FARRELL, Cathy Australian Labor Party Casey VIC
FEENEY, DavidElected Australian Labor Party Batman VIC
FENELEY, Michael Liberal Kingsford Smith NSW
FENN, Brendan Family First Party Corio VIC
FERGEUS, Josh The Greens Chisholm VIC
FERGUSON, Bradley Ian Palmer United Party Wannon VIC
FERGUSON, Ian Maurice Palmer United Party Dawson QLD
FERGUSON, LaurieElected Labor Werriwa NSW
FERRANDO, Carolyn Family First Moreton QLD
FIDGE, Greg Independent Grey SA
FIGUEROA, Benedict Palmer United Party Lilley QLD
FILLIPONI, Rebecca Family First Party Bruce VIC
FISHER, Ross Country Alliance McMillan VIC
FITZGIBBON, JoelElected Labor Hunter NSW
FITZGIBBON, John Liberal Ballarat VIC
FLANAGAN, John Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) Cunningham NSW
FLENADY, Liam Socialist Alliance Griffith QLD
FLETCHER, PaulElected Liberal Bradfield NSW
FLYNN, Peter Citizens Electoral Council Lingiari NT
FORD, Veronica Mary Ann Palmer United Party Brisbane QLD
FORDER, Gail Australian Christians Curtin WA
FOREMAN, Shane Rise Up Australia Party Durack WA
FORSTER, Nic The Greens Lilley QLD
FORSYTH, James The Nationals Canning WA
FOSTER, Angie Family First Party Gippsland VIC
FOSTER, Anne Australian Christians Ballarat VIC
FOSTER, Tony Family First Party Aston VIC
FOX, Bill One Nation Hunter NSW
FOXMAN, Marsha Palmer United Party Wentworth NSW
FRASER, David Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Watson NSW
FRASER, Matthew The Nationals Richmond NSW
FRASER HARDY, Laura Australian Labor Party Bonner QLD
FREDERICKS, Jeremy John Family First Fadden QLD
FREELEAGUS, Peter Australian Labor Party Capricornia QLD
FREEMAN, Michael DLP Democratic Labour Lalor VIC
FRENCH, Kylie Mary Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Barton NSW
FROST, Mitchell Thomas Palmer United Party Kingston SA
FRY, Bruce Mayburn Rise Up Australia Party Moreton QLD
FRYDENBERG, JoshElected Liberal Kooyong VIC
FUHRMANN, Steven Family First Party O'Connor WA
FULTON, Ian Labor Macarthur NSW
FUNNELL, Paul Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Riverina NSW



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