Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
House of Representatives Updated: Monday, 04 November 2013 04:40:25 PM


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Candidates with a surname starting with the letter D
Candidate Party Division State
DA COSTA, Kate The Greens Robertson NSW
DABROWSKI, Edward Gregory Palmer United Party Forrest WA
DALE, Gordon Katter's Australian Party Wide Bay QLD
DALGLEISH, David Katter's Australian Party Hinkler QLD
DALL, Phillip Leslie Palmer United Party Higgins VIC
DANBY, MichaelElected Australian Labor Party Melbourne Ports VIC
DANCE, Trevor Owen Palmer United Party McEwen VIC
DARLEY-JONES, Patrick The Greens Macarthur NSW
D'ATH, Yvette Australian Labor Party Petrie QLD
DAVEY, Jeremy Peter Palmer United Party Moreton QLD
DAVIDSON, Josh Bullet Train For Australia Melbourne VIC
DAVIES, Diane Rise Up Australia Party Pearce WA
DAVIES, Lloyd The Greens Corangamite VIC
DAVIES, Paul Rise Up Australia Party Swan WA
DAVIS, Narelle Rise Up Australia Party Farrer NSW
DAVIS, Peter J Citizens Electoral Council Paterson NSW
DAVY, Jeff Citizens Electoral Council Murray VIC
DE ZILWA, Yasmin Rise Up Australia Party Deakin VIC
DEAN, Joanne Carol Australian Labor Party Canning WA
DEGUARA, Shannon Australian Independents Blair QLD
DELEZIO, Ron Liberal Watson NSW
DEMEDIO, Lisa Family First Ryan QLD
DENISON, Tanya Liberal Denison TAS
DENMAN, Elwyn Family First Blair QLD
DETTMANN, Brian Charles One Nation New England NSW
DEVERALA, Michael DLP Democratic Labour Gorton VIC
DEVLIN, Graeme Rise Up Australia Party Denison TAS
DIAMOND, Bruce Capricornia QLD
DIAZ, Jaymes Liberal Greenway NSW
DICKINS, Grace Rise Up Australia Party Wide Bay QLD
DICKINS, Kingsley Rise Up Australia Party Flynn QLD
DIGANCE, Annabel Australian Labor Party Boothby SA
D'LISLE, Tyrone The Greens Dickson QLD
DOBBY, Ian Australian Christians Deakin VIC
DOBBY, Karen Australian Christians Isaacs VIC
DOBRINCIC, Matthew Markus Palmer United Party McMahon NSW
DOBSON, Christopher Lee Palmer United Party Bass TAS
DODD, Nathan Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Mitchell NSW
DOECKE, Geoff Family First Kingston SA
DONALDSON, Leanne Australian Labor Party Hinkler QLD
DONLON, Anita Erika Palmer United Party Bendigo VIC
DORIAN, Angela Rise Up Australia Party Flinders VIC
DORIAN, Peter Rise Up Australia Party Gippsland VIC
DOUGLAS, Keith Australian Voice Forde QLD
DOUGLAS, Susan Kim Palmer United Party McPherson QLD
DOWNES, Josh Family First Franklin TAS
DREYFUS, MarkElected Australian Labor Party Isaacs VIC
DRIVER, Wayne Robert Palmer United Party Tangney WA
DRUMMOND, Debra Gayle Palmer United Party Mackellar NSW
DUDLEY, Robert Rise Up Australia Party Indi VIC
DUNCAN, Kenneth Michael Palmer United Party Swan WA
DUNN, Emily Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Reid NSW
DUNN, Norm Katter's Australian Party Riverina NSW
DUNNE, Shane Edward Katter's Australian Party Ballarat VIC
DUTTON, PeterElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Dickson QLD
DYKYJ, Jonathon The Greens Dawson QLD



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