Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
House of Representatives Updated: Monday, 04 November 2013 04:40:25 PM


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Candidates with a surname starting with the letter S
Candidate Party Division State
SAFFIN, Janelle Labor Page NSW
SAGE, Richard Independent Barker SA
SALEAM, Jim Australia First Party Cook NSW
SALT, Michael John Australian Labor Party O'Connor WA
SAMARA, Nihal Liberal Lalor VIC
SARRE, Rick Australian Labor Party Sturt SA
SAUNDERS, Mick Australia First Party Lindsay NSW
SAWYER, Ray Katter's Australian Party Fairfax QLD
SCALI, Gabriella Alexandra Palmer United Party Sturt SA
SCALI, Vincent Palmer United Party Adelaide SA
SCAYSBROOK, Peter William Labor Cook NSW
SCHILLING, Michael The Greens La Trobe VIC
SCHIRMER, Reid Independent Hinkler QLD
SCHOCH, William Matthew Palmer United Party Fisher QLD
SCHULTZ, Murray Palmer United Party Mitchell NSW
SCHULTZ, Pat The Greens New England NSW
SCHULTZE, Peter Australia First Party Calare NSW
SCOTT, BruceElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Maranoa QLD
SCOTT, Duncan George Independent Flynn QLD
SCOTT, FionaElected Liberal Lindsay NSW
SCOTT, Philip Rise Up Australia Party Fremantle WA
SCOTT, Robin David Palmer United Party Hasluck WA
SCULLY, Joel Bullet Train For Australia Grayndler NSW
SCURRY, Susanna Independent Newcastle NSW
SEAMAN, Kevin Rise Up Australia Party La Trobe VIC
SEAMAN, Nadia Rise Up Australia Party Isaacs VIC
SEFTON, Tom Liberal Canberra ACT
SELLICK, Paul Rise Up Australia Party Solomon NT
SENIOR, Lydia Australian Labor Party Mallee VIC
SENTANCE, Alison Australian Greens Grey SA
SHAILER, Bill Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Reid NSW
SHARAH, Alex Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Parramatta NSW
SHARMA, Vashil Vimal Palmer United Party Fremantle WA
SHARMA, Vimal Kumar Palmer United Party Cowan WA
SHARP, Lorraine Australia First Party Riverina NSW
SHARRIN, Kyran Family First Party Hasluck WA
SHAW, Barbara Australian Greens Lingiari NT
SHAW, Bernard Rise Up Australia Party Braddon TAS
SHEA, Pat DLP Democratic Labour Chisholm VIC
SHEEDY, Sarah The Nationals Bendigo VIC
SHEERAN, Paul Henry Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Robertson NSW
SHEIL, Pat Independent Wentworth NSW
SHERRY, Matthew John Palmer United Party McMillan VIC
SHIHA, Jacquie Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Kingsford Smith NSW
SHORTEN, BillElected Australian Labor Party Maribyrnong VIC
SIDEBOTTOM, Sid Australian Labor Party Braddon TAS
SIERO, Gerard The Greens (WA) Swan WA
SILAPHET, Benjamin The Greens Fowler NSW
SIMPKINS, LukeElected Liberal Cowan WA
SIMPSON, Mark The Greens Hinkler QLD
SINCLAIR, Joshua Australian Labor Party Flinders VIC
SINGH, Jatinder Palmer United Party Holt VIC
SINGLETON, Dwayne Robert Palmer United Party Gellibrand VIC
SKINNER, Kev Independent Richmond NSW
SLADE, Lachlan The Greens Bendigo VIC
SLIPPER, Peter Fisher QLD
SLIWCZYNSKI, Lianna Sex Party Batman VIC
SLOSS, Joshua Independent Forde QLD
SMITH, Beth Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Cook NSW
SMITH, Di Labor Wentworth NSW
SMITH, Lachlan John Sex Party Holt VIC
SMITH, Rod One Nation Page NSW
SMITH, Toni Country Alliance Deakin VIC
SMITH, TonyElected Liberal Casey VIC
SMITH, Trevor The Greens Groom QLD
SMITH, Will Family First Longman QLD
SMITHIES, Ken Family First Party Batman VIC
SMYTH, Laura Australian Labor Party La Trobe VIC
SMYTHE, Deborah Stable Population Party Berowra NSW
SNAPE, Kitten Leigh Palmer United Party Jagajaga VIC
SNOSWELL, Andy Rise Up Australia Party Kingston SA
SNOWDON, WarrenElected Australian Labor Party (Northern Territory) Branch Lingiari NT
SOBEY, Christina The Greens Farrer NSW
SOMERFIELD, Danielle Rise Up Australia Party Kingsford Smith NSW
SOURIS, George Liberal Batman VIC
SOUTHCOTT, AndrewElected Liberal Boothby SA
SOWDEN, Greg Independent Griffith QLD
SPAIN, Sally The Greens Forde QLD
SPAIN, Stephen Christopher Palmer United Party Solomon NT
SPAJIC, Paul Citizens Electoral Council Moncrieff QLD
SPEER, Jennifer Rise Up Australia Party Aston VIC
SPELLMAN, John Family First Maranoa QLD
SPENCE, Tasman Family First Petrie QLD
SPENCER, Cedric Liberal Grayndler NSW
SPENCER, Garry Liberal Isaacs VIC
SPIGHT, Paul The Greens Banks NSW
SPIROVSKA, Nevena Sex Party Calwell VIC
STAGGARD, Benjamin Sex Party McMillan VIC
STANTON, Anthony John Palmer United Party Blair QLD
STANTON, Lucy Australian Labor Party Wide Bay QLD
STAR, Melissa Sex Party Melbourne Ports VIC
STEEL, Nick Australian Protectionist Party Corangamite VIC
STEELE-JOHN, Jordon Alexander The Greens (WA) Fremantle WA
STEFANAC, Jennifer Susan Palmer United Party Hunter NSW
STEFANO, Vince DLP Democratic Labour Melbourne Ports VIC
STEPHENSON, Martin The Greens Oxley QLD
STEVENS, Bruce Katter's Australian Party McEwen VIC
STEVENS, Damien The Greens Murray VIC
STEVENS, Daniel Katter's Australian Party Hasluck WA
STEWART, Brodie Martin O'Connor Palmer United Party Warringah NSW
STEWART, Lex Palmer United Party Riverina NSW
STINGEL, Stephen John Katter's Australian Party Bendigo VIC
STIRLING, Jenny The Greens Kennedy QLD
STODART, Toby Simon Palmer United Party Melbourne Ports VIC
STONE, SharmanElected Liberal Murray VIC
STOREY, John The Greens Berowra NSW
STOVE, Michael Joseph Labor Berowra NSW
STRANG, Graeme Independent Cook NSW
STRETTON, Richard Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Hunter NSW
STYLES, Lynette One Nation Hume NSW
SUDHOLZ, Judy F Citizens Electoral Council Durack WA
SUDMALIS, AnnElected Liberal Gilmore NSW
SUKKAR, MichaelElected Liberal Deakin VIC
SULLIVAN, Troy Bradly Family First Hinkler QLD
SUMMER, Fern Bullet Train For Australia Murray VIC
SUMMERS, Judith The Greens Wright QLD
SUTTON, Philip Batman VIC
SWAN, WayneElected Australian Labor Party Lilley QLD
SWEEDMAN, Michael C Secular Party of Australia Ryan QLD
SWIFT, Rod The Greens Gellibrand VIC
SYMON, Mike Australian Labor Party Deakin VIC



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