Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
House of Representatives Updated: Monday, 04 November 2013 04:40:25 PM


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Candidates with a surname starting with the letter B
Candidate Party Division State
BAKER, Glenn Phillip Palmer United Party Curtin WA
BAKER, Kevin Liberal Charlton NSW
BAKER, Norman Rise Up Australia Party McMillan VIC
BAKER, Phil Rise Up Australia Party Menzies VIC
BALANCY, Ricardo Liberal Holt VIC
BALASINGHAM, Mohanadas Palmer United Party Grayndler NSW
BALDWIN, BobElected Liberal Paterson NSW
BALDWIN, Jamie Family First Party Higgins VIC
BALDWIN, Philip Robert Palmer United Party Shortland NSW
BALFOUR, Anna Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Paterson NSW
BALL, Kerryn Katter's Australian Party Werriwa NSW
BAMBRICK, Paul The Greens Capricornia QLD
BANDT, AdamElected The Greens Melbourne VIC
BANKS, Desley The Greens Page NSW
BARBER, Stephen Sex Party Deakin VIC
BARBIERI, Paul Rise Up Australia Party Casey VIC
BARCLAY, Mike Independent Deakin VIC
BARKER, Neil The Greens McEwen VIC
BARLING, Michael Australian Labor Party Wannon VIC
BARNES, Anthony Paul Palmer United Party Gorton VIC
BARNES, Kylie Family First Sturt SA
BARNETT, Wayne Australian Christians Forrest WA
BARRATT, Terry The Greens Gilmore NSW
BARRON, Alan Australian Christians Corangamite VIC
BAYLISS, Michael Stable Population Party Melbourne VIC
BEACH, Ruth Australian Greens Adelaide SA
BEATTIE, Peter Douglas Australian Labor Party Forde QLD
BEECHAM, Holly Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Robertson NSW
BELCASTRO, Anthony Gino Katter's Australian Party Greenway NSW
BELL, Margaret Australian Voice Herbert QLD
BELLSTEDT, Michael The Greens Mitchell NSW
BELSAR, Ashleigh Australian Christians Flinders VIC
BENGTSSON, Maria Australian Christians Calwell VIC
BERGMAN, Christine Family First Bass TAS
BERIC, Veronica Bernadette One Nation Moncrieff QLD
BEST, Amanda Family First Forde QLD
BEST, Peter The Greens (WA) Tangney WA
BHATHAL, Alexandra Kaur The Greens Batman VIC
BICKLEY, Greg Liberal Bendigo VIC
BILLSON, BruceElected Liberal Dunkley VIC
BIRD, SharonElected Labor Cunningham NSW
BIRRELL, Ann The Greens Melbourne Ports VIC
BISHOP, BronwynElected Liberal Mackellar NSW
BISHOP, JulieElected Liberal Curtin WA
BISSETT, John Australian Labor Party Swan WA
BJELKE-PETERSEN, John Palmer United Party Maranoa QLD
BLACK, Andrew The Nationals Corangamite VIC
BLACK, Bernadette Liberal Franklin TAS
BLAKE, Charles Australian Voice Party McPherson QLD
BLOCH, Barbara The Greens Watson NSW
BLOOMFIELD, Mike Rise Up Australia Party Warringah NSW
BORLAND, Kate Independent Melbourne VIC
BORLINI, John Joseph Australian Labor Party Forrest WA
BOULTON, Brian Edward Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Throsby NSW
BOURKE, Michael John Katter's Australian Party Murray VIC
BOUWMAN, Phillip Katter's Australian Party O'Connor WA
BOWDEN, Olwyn Rise Up Australia Party Franklin TAS
BOWEN, ChrisElected Labor McMahon NSW
BOWTELL, Cath Australian Labor Party Melbourne VIC
BOYD, Stewart One Nation Fadden QLD
BOYLE, Peter Socialist Alliance Sydney NSW
BRACKEN, Nathan Independent Dobell NSW
BRADBURY, David Labor Lindsay NSW
BRADLEY, Phil The Greens Parramatta NSW
BRAR, Bikkar Singh Palmer United Party Mayo SA
BRAZIER, Ronald George Palmer United Party Kennedy QLD
BRENTIN, Chris The Greens Greenway NSW
BREWSTER, Blair Matthew Palmer United Party Forde QLD
BREWSTER, Martin David Palmer United Party Herbert QLD
BRIGGS, JamieElected Liberal Mayo SA
BRINKLOW, Pip Australian Greens Lyons TAS
BRISKEY, Darryl Australian Labor Party Bowman QLD
BROAD, AndrewElected The Nationals Mallee VIC
BROADBENT, RussellElected Liberal McMillan VIC
BRODTMANN, GaiElected Australian Labor Party Canberra ACT
BROFF, Roy Independent Dunkley VIC
BROOKER, Jackie The Greens Barton NSW
BROUGH, MalElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Fisher QLD
BROWN, Geoff Stable Population Party Lindsay NSW
BROWN, John The Greens Paterson NSW
BROWN, Mike Australian Christians Casey VIC
BROWNE, Ben Australian Labor Party Grey SA
BRUNING, Derek Owen Australian Christians Canning WA
BUCHANAN, Blake Palmer United Party Bradfield NSW
BUCHHOLZ, ScottElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Wright QLD
BUCK, Wendy Independent Murray VIC
BUCKLEY, Ben Liberal Democrats Gippsland VIC
BUCKLEY CLARE, Brian Katter's Australian Party Lyne NSW
BULL, Sue Socialist Alliance Corio VIC
BULLER, Neil Family First Party Mallee VIC
BURDETT, Bob Australian Christians Brand WA
BURGESS, Martin Voluntary Euthanasia Party Solomon NT
BURKE, Anna ElizabethElected Australian Labor Party Chisholm VIC
BURKE, TonyElected Labor Watson NSW
BURROWS, Zali Palmer United Party Blaxland NSW
BURSILL, John Leslie Katter's Australian Party Cunningham NSW
BURSTON, Brian One Nation Charlton NSW
BURT, Nicolle Secular Party of Australia Canberra ACT
BURT, Rod Independent Dunkley VIC
BUTLER, Bob Sex Party Denison TAS
BUTLER, MarkElected Australian Labor Party Port Adelaide SA
BUTTEL, Christopher Ernest Palmer United Party Chifley NSW
BYRNE, AnthonyElected Australian Labor Party Holt VIC
BYRNE, Michael Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Werriwa NSW
BYRNES, Trudy Independent Fairfax QLD
BYRON, Brendan Country Labor Parkes NSW



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